Customer Relation Management & Marketing Automation

Why choose Marketing Automation Programs (MAP) and Customer Relationship Management Programs (CRM)?

Two of the most important keys towards successfully marketing to all customers, (both current and potential), are the building of a customer database and the improvement and preservation of strong relations with customers.

Methods of marketing developed before the digital age, despite their comprehensiveness and affordability were unable to give an accurate measurement of their reach to the target group. For example, the inclusion of an advertisement in the audio-visual/audio press does not provide the marketing team with accurate information pertaining to the responses of customers who saw the advertisement.This lack of information bars the marketing team from being able to analyze the results of these pre-digital age advertisements.

In the digital age, with the help of the global spread of technology, direct marketing methods have become much more effective. For example, social media sites and apps allow the marketing department to access the information of potential or existing customers. The regular use of these platforms provides them with a lot of useful information about their users which in turn can be analyzed and be used to launch effective marketing campaigns. Digital marketing campaigns can be easily measured and analyzed with high accuracy and low cost.

Marketing automation programs and customer relationship programs are two of the most important and effective means for companies to collect, classify, and store the largest amount of information about leads and customers. These means allow companies to classify their customers, extract reports, and analyze information about their customers. Marketing Automation programs aim to track and change potential customers into existing customers by launching appropriate marketing campaigns. Once potential customers become existing customers, customer relation management software becomes more appropriate as the focus changes from gaining a customer to organizing, managing, and maintaining existing customer relations.

Marketing Automation and customer relationship programs complement each other and play a major role in sales and marketing effectiveness.