Portfolio Description

Solivr’s vocation is the sale of products from ethical and solidarity-based trade. They are primarily interested in the Palestinian people. Palestinian producers, farmers and artisans are rich in genuine ancestral know-how in the creation and manufacture of food, clothing and cosmetic products. They are therefore dedicated to promoting these high-quality products in order to perpetuate this know-how and give greater economic and financial autonomy to these families of craftsmen and farmers.

Hawsib maintains solivr’s Magento based ecommerce website and its interlinked WordPress blog.

Portfolio Details

Our site is working with Hawsib since March 2021. We appreciate the quick and appropriate solutions apported to our site. Hawsib is always ready to bring the best solution to our website related problems. Efficiency, best price and quality of service, quick delivery of requested tasks are always respected. We are very satisfied from this great value partnership.


Jacques NenoSocial entrepreneur