Nadia Isam Harhash

Nadia Isam Harhash

Portfolio Description

Nadia Harhash is a public opinion writer, novelist, researcher and a blogger. She is also a Human Rights activist and a lawyer.

Nadia is currently a PhD candidate in Philosophy at UAB-Barcelona. She received her MA in Jerusalem Studies from AQU-Jerusalem, and in Islamic Philosophy from FU-Berlin. She obtained Higher Diplomas in Conflict Resolution from Coventry University, Strategic Planning from RTC, and Community Organizing from The Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yafa. She received her BA in Law from the BAU-Beirut.

More Information

Nadia has written articles in different media outlets and hosted a TV show. She has a number of published novels and studies.

Published books:

1. In the Shadows of Men (Arabic) (2016)
2. Growth and Development of Palestinian Women Movement during the Mandate Period (Arabic) (2018)
3. On the Path of Mariam (Arabic) (2019)

In Print (2021):

1. Nietzsche in Jerusalem- A diary of a Dog (Arabic)
2. In the Shadows of Men (English)

Nadia has researched and published widely on Gender, Culture and Religion issues. She is known for her in-depth analysis on the Palestine-Israel situation and covering significant issues on Palestinian society.

Harhash is currently working as a senior program officer at HEKS-EPER. She is enjoying watching her four children hovering towards their own horizons.

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