The role of search engine optimization in marketing

One of the best ways to reach customers and introduce them to a product or service a company offers is to optimize their search engine.

Search engine optimization is an unpaid marketing tool which centers around ensuring that a company’s web page appears in the foreground for a customer who makes a relevant search via the internet. These customers are often interested customers and from the company’s target group.

The process of improving the search engine.

In short, search engines evaluate web pages as we evaluate people, that is, based on fame, strength, relationship, trust, and importance. For example, Google evaluates electronic pages based on a set of factors, and then ranks these pages. The more recommendations for a specific page, the greater its value and the higher its ranking, the higher the ranking the more often it appears in the introduction when a search is performed.

Other popular search engines like Microsoft and Yahoo work similarly.

What hinders the Search Engine Optimization process?

There are two types of obstacles that prevent Search Engine Optimization.

  • The first obstacle is related to the programming of the website and prevents the search spider from accessing the website and indexing it.
  • The second obstacle is the competition that stems from the presence of millions of web pages that are competing to reach the top of the search engine evaluation.

This requires optimizing the search engine from within the page by ensuring the improvement of titles, tags, content, and the overall structure of the page, this is called on-site Search Engine Optimization.

In addition to improving the search engine from outside the page, which lies in the presence of inbound links from reliable external sources to the page, also called off-site Search Engine Optimization.

In order to obtain the best results from Search Engine Optimization, a company should avoid all technical problems and then balance the combination of on-site and off-site Search Engine Optimization.