How do businesses benefit from Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram?

With the increasing number of users on social media sites, it has become key for businesses to have a presence on these sites. What is the difference between these sites and how can Businesses use them to market themselves effectively?

At first it is important to know that people use Facebook to communicate with their friends, relatives, acquaintances, and service providers for the goods they use or are interested in.

Instagram is a photo-sharing app, most people use this app to share their interests or special moments and keep up with the latest updates and news concerning the people they care about, celebrities, brands, etc.

Messenger is an application and communication site that mainly aims to facilitate direct communication between its subscribers. Messenger allows the transmission of text, images, calls, videos, games, and much more. To create a Messenger account, you have to be a Facebook user and have an active Facebook account, as Messenger is part of Facebook.

In the business world everyone can take advantage of social networking sites, because it provides a golden opportunity to raise the efficiency of marketing, advertising, customer relations, customer support services, etc.


All businesses can create a Facebook page, thereby ensuring that their presence on social media sites are humanized. Businesses can benefit from free and paid marketing services to reach potential customers, deepen relationships with existing customers, and introduce them to all that is new. Paid marketing tools allow businesses to set a marketing goal and then follow the best ways and means to reach the set goal.


When Businesses create an Instagram account they can get a lot of free features that help them achieve the goal of having a presence on social media sites. Some of the aforementioned features are categorizing messages and helping people access the business’ physical location and website. In addition, Instagram has paid marketing tools such as advertising a business’ page to inform people and potential customers of the business’ presence. Additionally, the possibility of following up and analyzing the results of paid marketing is present.


Messenger is a very important tool for businesses as customers can communicate with the businesses at any time. Messenger has answering and welcoming services that facilitate the process of arranging and automating the response to customer inquiries and requests.