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Enable Your Business To Its Maximum Potential With The Right Applications And IT Solutions

App development is our core service and a source of pride at Hawsib. We gathered the brightest most talented professionals that can take your project in any state and generate superior results of the highest standards.

From concept to code, development to deployment, Hawsib provides custom Web & Mobile (IOS & Android) applications and IT solutions that accelerate workflows, optimize operations and boost revenues.

We work as Opensource Customization service provider:

  1. We follow a set of proven and pre-defines methodologies, coding standards and processes for open source customization
  2. Our open source developers and experts ensure that customization process stays aligned with the company objectives and requirements


Hawsib strategic IT consulting will help you automate and digitalize operations, optimize the software portfolio, and implement the latest technologies.

Tech Support

Hawsib has been a leader in providing technical support across a wide spectrum of brands and devices. We serve companies, small businesses, and individuals like you.


From concept to code, development to deployment, Hawsib provides custom Web and Mobile (IOS & Android) applications and IT solutions that accelerate workflows, optimize operations and boost revenues.

Why Work With Us

Skills: Unparalleled skill set and experience with a wide range of web development frameworks and mobile development

Trust.: We are trusted by local business to lead and participate in their most strategic projects

Quality: We guarantee your quality in the services you get from us

Expertise: We have dedicated professionals who are committed to excel including renowned mobile innovation, product, and mobile development professionals

A sample of our clients to whom we provide software development:

Nadia Isam Harhash

Nadia Harhash is a public opinion writer, novelist, researcher and a blogger. She is also a Human Rights activist and a lawyer. Nadia is currently a PhD candidate in Philosophy at UAB-Barcelona. She received her MA in Jerusalem Studies from AQU-Jerusalem, and in Islamic Philosophy from FU-Berlin. She obtained Higher Diplomas in Conflict Resolution from Coventry University, Strategic Planning from RTC, and Community Organizing from The Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yafa. She received her BA in Law from the BAU-Beirut.


Great Deals at Your Fingertips. Urudat is an innovative mobile App that brings you the hottest events & deals on items near you. Urudat enable users to search by category, scroll trending deals and view products with the top discounts in your local area. Urudat powers proximity marketing campaigns for brands, restaurants, services and retailers with end-to-end solution spans audience and geographic targeting using rich media, creative design and delivery, campaign execution, management and post-campaign analysis. To learn more, please visit

Beit Ula Market

Beit Ula Women Club, through the use of ecommerce, aims to empower the Palestinian rural women to become decisions maker, develop women’s social, economic and political rights. Beit Ula Women Club, founded in 1997, is located in the center of Beit Ula Village, registered under No. 2872. Its administrative committee is made up of 7 female members and currently enjoys the membership of more than 400 female members. Beit Ula Women Club implements several activities at different levels; social, economic and...

iRiwaq is a virtual Art gallery where you will be able to showcase your work, explore the latest creative artworks, trends, and discover art in a remarkable way. The gallery is created to allow artists to present and sell their work by themselves, simply and intuitively. The gallery offers buyers and collectors a direct relationship with sellers without intermediaries, and with prices direct from the artist. Enjoy and share: Have fun learning about artists while discovering art, vote, add works to your...


As for the whole Mediterranean, Olive Trees have designed the Palestinians landscape for thousands of years; it is the most important tree in Palestine due to its historical, cultural, religious and economic value.. OLITREVA project aims to strengthen RTD and cooperation capacities of Palestinian research centres and thus, to enhance their response to the environmental threats posed by olive oil production residues in the country.

Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem (ARIJ)

ARIJ's mission is promoting sustainable development in the occupied Palestinian territories and the self-reliance of the Palestinian people through greater control over their natural resources. ARIJ aims to assess alternative options, policies and strategies to conserve natural resources, which can be used as the basis for formulating recommendations and informing strategic decision making to improve the management of these resources and assist in their sustainability. ARIJ has been a valued customer of Hawsib since more than ten years, in which...

Pediatric Society – Palestine

The goal of the Pediatric Society - Palestine is to raise the scientific level of Pediatricians in Palestine through scientific conferences, where he was subjected during which scientific research and tests of personal and lectures in the field of pediatrics and work on the development of the means of continuing medical education and the development of policies and protocols medical work right and dissemination among colleagues and the ongoing work on updated.